663: Launching a Movement of “Friendship and Faith”

Near our Home Office in Michigan, our new magazine, www.FriendshipAndFaith.com, and our new book, “Friendship and Faith,” was greeted with enthusiastic media coverage. In what may be a “first,” at least in recent memory, Jewish and Muslim news media celebrated, in the same way and on the same day, this accomplishment by dozens of Michigan women.

The Jewish News, an influential weekly newspaper serving metropolitan Detroit, published two stories on the new book and Web site. (Subscription is required to read the Jewish News online.) A similar news story appeared in The Muslim Observer. (Here’s a link to read the Observer story.) A third regional newspaper, The Arab American News, reportedly plans a story, as well.

That chorus of “good news,” shared across religious and ethnic communities, is a much-needed sign of hope when most news from southeast Michigan ranges from bleak—to bleaker. On Wednesday, news of the online magazine and book launch was just starting to move to other media nationwide.

Wednesday morning, about 30 religious leaders, educators, journalists and communicators gathered at Michigan’s landmark Christ Church Cranbrook. This Episcopal congregation is nationally known for its many years of interfaith work. The group of 30 spent several hours sharing news about upcoming religious and cross-cultural events in Michigan. Included in the morning conference was a half-hour “launch” presentaiton of the new “Friendship and Faith” online magazine and book. (Photo above is from that launch presentation, taken by Rodney Curtis.)

Want to find out, right now, what’s causing all the buzz in Michigan? Click Here to jump to the new Friendship and Faith online magazine—where you can read all about this new project to share women’s stories about making peace … 1 friend at a time.

(Originally published at readthespirit.com)

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