Benjamin Pratt review: Talent has Hunger is pure joy


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Directed by Josh Aronson

Pure joy!

This mesmerizing film, stretching over seven years, captures the skill of master cello teacher, Paul Katz, with numerous musical prodigies. Katz reveals how an art form is passed from generation to generation in the oral tradition.

We witness his warm, compassionate connection that pulls each student’s innate talents well beyond technique to the gifted capacity of emotional, soul-filled interpretations of music. His frank, demanding honesty, humor and empathy pull deeper gifts from each student than they ever imagine.

This reveals clearly that teaching is more important than performing because it passes the art to future generations. This master teacher offers more than music; he builds self-esteem and aesthetic character in each student.

One exceptional benefit of this joyous experience: you hear the music of angels from the instrument most closely aligned to the human soul, the cello.

REVIEW by Benjamin Pratt

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