Celebrating USA Today Woman of the Year honor with Najah Bazzy as Ramadan begins in 2023

As Ramadan begins in 2023, our publishing house team is celebrating with Muslim author Najah Bazzy, who has been named one of USA Today’s Women of the Year.

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This was especially timely because the news came as Ramadan is beginning for the world’s 2-billion Muslims—and one of Najah Bazzy’s many global humanitarian efforts is her book, The Beauty of Ramadan.

What is the book about?

During the fasting month of Ramadan, Muslims revitalize their faith, celebrating the holy Quran and renewing their commitment to helping needy people around the world. As an internationally known transcultural nurse, Najah wrote this book as a simple guide to these sacred traditions, written for Muslims and non-Muslims as well. The book is useful for those working to promote diversity, for community leaders who want to understand this month-long season among their Muslim neighbors and also for health-care professionals like Najah who want to understand both the traditions and the compassionate flexibility of this worldwide practice.

Why was Najah Bazzy honored by USA Today?

Michigan-based journalist Austin Metz wrote the short biographical sketch of Najah for USA Today that explains why she is ranked among the 2023 Women of the Year.

To introduce his interview with Najah, Austin wrote:

While many recognize Najah Bazzy for her roles as a humanitarian and interfaith leader, there’s so much more to her than that. Born in southeast Michigan, Bazzy’s career began after she earned her nursing degree from Madonna University. From there, she spent over three decades working in critical care and transcultural nursing, drawing from her personal experiences as a child to help those in need.

Bazzy has served as CEO of Diversity Specialists and an adjunct professor at Michigan State University’s Institute of International Health and also co-founded the Young Muslim Association, where she still serves as a senior adviser for the organization. She is widely regarded as a leader in Muslim healthcare and ethics and has drawn from her personal experiences to provide diversity and transcultural trainings to the United States Army, the United States Department of Justice, the International Red Cross and more.

Bazzy also founded and serves as CEO of Zaman International, a needs-based organization that helps households meet their basic needs, breaking the cycle of poverty by providing food, clothing, shelter and more to women, children, seniors and the terminally ill.

Read the Entire Interview with Najah

To read Austin’s Q and A with Najah, click here. Among the questions he asks:

  • Is there a person in your life who has paved the way for you?
  • From a business or career perspective, is there someone you’ve tried to pattern your life after?
  • What sort of adversity have you overcome?
  • What is your definition of courage?

Care to see more?

Visit our Front Edge Publishing website to see a 3-minute video about Najah’s work, which is streaming courtesy of WXYZ-TV Channel 7, the ABC affiliate in southeast Michigan.

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