Come to a beautiful island with Laura Elizabeth’s new cozy mystery, ‘All Is Now Lost’

A shoreline on Daufuskie Island this week in a photo from Laura Elizabeth.

Editor of ReadTheSpirit magazine

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DAUFUSKIE ISLAND, Georgia—Even before this week’s official launch of Laura Elizabeth’s new cozy mystery, All Is Now Lostearly buzz about the novel prompted a Georgia-based community theater group to select this compelling tale to create a new production later this year. Laura already is collaborating with that group by drafting a theatrical script, which she eventually will make available to other theater groups at her website Stay tuned to ReadTheSpirit magazine this autumn for further news about that project.

And—also before this week’s launch, the positive buzz about this cozy mystery reached a young book-selling entrepreneur in Arizona who selected Laura’s mystery for inclusion in a popular books-and-themed-accessories-in-a-box program. That young woman is Cynthia Wasko, who proudly describes her new cozy-box business as both minority and woman run. We know that our readers care about supporting such businesses, so you can read more about that cozy box in our Front Edge Publishing column this week.

Clearly, reader interest in All Is Now Lost is spreading nationwide.

Today, as we reach the official launch week for the novel, we are inviting our magazine readers to visit Amazon and buy a copy. Your interest—and your help in spreading this news—will enable our Front Edge Publishing team to bring readers more cozy mysteries in the future. Even if you aren’t a cozy reader yourself, you probably have a friend who is a fan. Millions of readers enjoy this genre. So, consider ordering a copy as a perfect gift—the first volume of an inviting new series that transports readers to one of the most fascinating, historic islands on America’s Atlantic coast.

In fact, Laura is on the island this week. The “real” island is Daufuskie, made famous decades ago by best-selling novelist Pat Conroy. Both Pat and Laura decided to write about their beloved island under a fictional name. Pat called it Yamacraw; Laura calls it Mongin. By using a fictional name for the island, Laura is making the distinction that her murder-mystery series is, indeed, fictional. She doesn’t want people to be afraid of taking a vacation on the island she has worked so hard to promote.

In July, we posted this column about Laura’s real-life efforts to promote Daufuskie and to help redevelop its historic centerpiece, a stately mansion-turned-resort that fell on hard times some years ago. Laura’s alma mater, Babson College, published that news story about her ongoing efforts to help the island.

Naturally, this week, Laura wanted to be in her island home (she and her family own both their main residence near Atlanta and a home on Daufuskie) for the book’s launch.

When she arrived on the island, she soon sent us the photograph at the top of today’s story with this note to share with our readers:

“It’s a beautiful day on the island—and my heart is so full!”

Then, the Daufuskie community helped to celebrate the book’s launch and Laura wrote:

“Two events were hosted for me, which gave me a chance to connect with friends and readers. There was so much interest in and support for All Is Now Lost! This was truly an incredible day I will treasure always. Having these events, where this adventure all started for me, has been such a gift.”

Now, we are inviting readers to join this growing nationwide community of island-loving readers by visiting Amazon and getting your own copy of All Is Now Lost.

And, don’t forget: There’s a second story this week about Laura’s new cozy mystery—introducing Cynthia Wasko, a young minority entrepreneur who is offering a “gift box” of fun extras along with Laura’s novel.


Want to connect with Laura?

Laura on Daufuskie this week.

MEET LAURA—To learn much more about Laura’s work, to see her beautiful merchandise reflecting island themes—or to learn about inviting her to speak to your book club or discussion group, please visit

FUN PODCASTS—Laura also has been appearing on podcasts and, as of this week, you can find links to three of those programs on her “Media” page within her website. In her free, monthly email newsletter, Laura tells readers that she enjoys the podcast format and welcomes invitations from podcasters. She writes, “I have enjoyed this fun way to get the word out about All Is Now Lost. I’ve already met some incredible hosts interested in learning more about Carr, Barb, Tripp, and of course Mongin Island and its magic! I am excited to record more podcasts (several are already on the calendar!) and would welcome more of these opportunities.”

DELICIOUS, TOO—Here’s one last delicious tip. If you visit her website and sign up for her free newsletters, you will discover that Laura occasionally shares recipes. In one earlier issue of her newsletter, she shared a recipe for a special pie that is featured in the novel and, in her September issue, she included a recipe for a yummy red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. This is fitting for readers, because her main character in the novel runs the Books & Brew bookstore on the island—and her cast of characters also includes one of the island’s best bakers.

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