Mindy Corporon with the Interfaith Center at Miami University on ‘Healing a Shattered Soul’

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Mindy Corporon continues to crisscross the country with events that share her message of hope and healing in embracing diverse communities. This week, we can share this video sponsored by our friends at The Interfaith Center at Miami University in Ohio.

Are you just meeting Mindy today? Here is our April profile of Mindy when she launched her book.

This latest video begins with an introduction from Geneva Blackmer, program director at the Interfaith Center. Mindy reads a passage from her book about her own introduction to Judaism after the murders of her son and father in an antisemitic attack. Then, Mindy opens up the session to Q and A—and begins talking with other participants, including journalist Bill Tammeus.

“I would say my Christianity is a faith about humanity and about God,” Mindy says at one point, explaining that she really does feel the spirits of her late loved ones still alive today. “My faith is in believing that our loved ones are with us in some way,” she says.

There are parallels throughout the Abrahamic faiths, she explains. “If I were to explain Christianity to a niece or nephew now,” she says, “I would use many of the same phrases we find in Judaism and Islam: Be good to others; do good to others; believe that there’s a higher spirit that is with us and loving us—and, in the end, I would say God is love. God is love in all the faiths.”

If you are planning a group discussion of Mindy’s book with friends or in a small group in your congregation, Mindy’s videos can be a very helpful introduction to these conversations.

Here is this latest video by Mindy from The Interfaith Center’s program.


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