Say Happy Birthday to the Man in Black with the “Freight Train” Sound by Listening to His Gospel

    Happy birthday, Johnny!
    The Man in Black, who left us five years ago, was born today in Arkansas in 1932. I woke up this morning, coincidentally, with a disk of “The Johnny Cash Bible” in my audio player — a little eerie to realize that it’s his birthday, as well. (That’s unless I explain that I really enjoy this recording Cash made of the New King James version of the New Testament before his death and often listen to portions of it.)
    What amazes me about Johnny Cash is his strong cross-over appeal to the next generation. On one level, he’s a larger-than-life caricature of country-western music (especially if you watch some of the Cash TV show DVDs that are popular today when he had the huge hair and belt buckles bigger than truck bumpers).
    But he was honest. He was a man of faith. And he was blessed with that voice.
    So, today — hey, happy birthday Johnny — and if you click on the DVD case you can read my review of his audio Bible.

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