Fremont (2023)

In America a lonely, guilt-ridden Afghanistan female refugee working at a fortune cookie factory visits a therapist seeking sleeping pills.

Flee (2022)

After keeping his sexual preference a secret for 20 years, an Afghan refugee tells his harrowing story on camera via animation & old footage.

Chasing Freedom (2004)

A self-centered lawyer is changed into a compassionate human being when she is made to defend an Afghan woman who will be killed if she is deported back to her own country.

Radio Dreams (2016)

At a Parsi language San Francisco radio station an odd assortment of immigrants carry on while waiting for the band Metallica to jam with an Afghani band, but as the day passes, the Americans have not shown up.

War Dogs (2016)

During the Iraq War when a greedy young man learns he can profit from Pentagon contracts, he brings his naïve friend into the business, the results turning out not so profitable after all.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 2016

In Afghanistan a female war correspondence learns about herself, love, and an alien world as she struggles to get her reports of a forgotten war aired.

Max (2015)

When a boy’s Marine dog handler brother is killed in Kandahar, the teenager becomes the dog’s new owner and must deal with its trauma as well as a gun running gang.