Sweetheart (2019)

A young black woman, washed ashore a desert island after a boat sinks, struggles to stay alive when a tall amphibious monster stalks her each night.

Isle of Dogs (2018)

When a corrupt Japanese mayor exiles all dogs to Trash Island, a 12-year-old boy searches for his pet with the help of a pack of exiles.

Angry Birds (2016)

Unpopular on Bird Island because he is so often angry, Red becomes leader when green pigs arrive by boat and steal the eggs of the birds. Red shows that anger can be an important motivator in getting their “children” back.

A Bigger Splash (2015)

On an Italian island where she is recuperating from an operation to save her voice rock star Marianne & her lover Paul resent the intrusion of former manager Harry into their lives, his agenda being to win her back.