Features of Breaking In


Several recruiters, editors, and journalists have generously let us in-clude their advice in “Breaking In.”  We thank them and hope you get  the chance to thank them, too. Their contributions are one of the best  things about this book.

The Edge 

The Edge was born when Wayne State University journalism student  Val Hickey, on a visit to the Detroit Free Press, said, “The JobsPage is my  edge.” When she said that, a light went on and we started adding quick  tips to the edges of JobsPage articles online. You’ll fiind some on these  pages, too, though we put them at the bottom of the pages.


Nothing cuts to the quick like a quote. Many of the quotes in here come  from “Today’s Word on Journalism,” collected by Edward C. Pease,  Ph.D., professor and head of the Department if Journalism and Com-munication at Utah State University. Get on his e-mail list of snappy  quotes by writing him at [email protected]. More came from Tulsa  World General Editor Rusty Lang and John McIntyre, assistant man-aging editor of the copy desk at the Baltimore Sun.

JobsPage in My Pocket  

We made this book to bring you a portable JobsPage; we boiled some  of our tips down to business-card size to make them even more porta-ble. “JobsPage in My Pocket” tip tickets can be cut out or, if you’d rather  not cut up your book, photocopied for pocket or purse. “JobsPage in  My Pocket” cards are designed so that you’ll have strategies with you  for dealing with specifiic situations you might be anticipating.

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