Interfaith Heroes 2

We need heroes like these now more than ever! Volume 1 in this Interfaith Heroes series shared 31 heroic stories. This Volume 2 tells more than 40 additional stories of men and women who crossed religious boundaries to strengthen their communities, help the needy and make peace. Together, the two volumes span many centuries and circle the globe.

This is not merely “another” book with “more” stories. Read as a set, Interfaith Heroes 2 completes Daniel Buttry’s full teachings on interfaith approaches to peacemaking. This new volume includes discussion questions for your group or class, plus resources for further researching these heroes’ lives and legacies. And, in this volume, Daniel Buttry explores the growth, the sophistication and the diversity of approaches unfolding around the world. Volume 2 is a soul-stirring sourcebook that continues the inspiration of Volume 1 and now helps us to clarify our next steps as we continue to follow the examples of our heroes.

You already have encountered some of these heroes before you open the book and read Buttry’s stories: Pope John Paul II, the Dalai Lama, Thomas Merton, Karen Armstrong, Dorothy Day and Martin Luther King Jr. all are widely known, today. Nevertheless, his stories about their interfaith work may surprise you.

Beyond the famous figures, you will discover many whose names you’ve never encountered. See the Table of Contents (linked at left) to see all of the chapters listed.

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