100 Questions and Answers About Indian Americans

100 Questions and Answers about Indian Americans

One Hundred Questions and Answers About Indian Americans is part of the Michigan State University School of Journalism series in cultural competence.

This guide is organized to answer common questions people need to answer as they encounter Indian Americans in communities coast to coast—as co-workers, neighbors and friends. The book includes sections on India’s history, population, religion, language, culture, food, gender, family, education, work and politics. It includes helpful information about Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. It explains the most common reasons that Indians move to America—and the culture they bring with them. The guide is intended for people in business, schools, places of worship, government, medicine, law enforcement, human resources and journalism.

Among the 100 Questions, you will learn:

Where do Indians in the United States primarily live?

What is the role of religion in Indian society?

What is the Festival of Lights?

What is curry?

How are Indian marriage customs distinctive?

What are readers saying about 100 Questions and Answers …

“If we can answer 100 very simple questions about a culture, religion or ethnicity, we have taken the first small step toward greater understanding.”

Andrea Plaid in Racialicious online magazine


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