Short Stuff from a Tall Guy

Short Stuff from a Tall Guy

Wisdom Gleaned From Life’s Daily Journey

Popular author and counselor Benjamin Pratt helps men and women rediscover hope and purpose in their lives through his writing, teaching and public appearances. Now for the first time in book form, Benjamin Pratt collects dozens of columns that readers keep talking about as he travels and meets with groups of men and women.

In Short Stuff from a Tall Guy, Pratt invites readers to glean wisdom from their daily journey. He guides readers to fresh insights through compassion, humor and honesty about the dilemmas, doubts and challenges that men and women face everyday. All of his short, true-life stories lead readers toward the promise of hope and renewed energy for trying to make the world a better place.

Within the book, stories include: The Brass Communion Rail, Simple Gratitude for Simple Gifts, Serving Hospitality on Paper Plates, You Can Sense It in the Wood: Imperfection and Grace, Wrestle Me Now, Lord! Shaken, Not Stirred, Prayer for Light in Dark Times of Accidie, Holding Hands, A Pop-Tart Moment and Risking Love.

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