We Are The Socks

Every day, we hear news from around the world about war and violence. But who could hope to make a difference in these tragic conflicts? The idea of peacemaking seems impossible—unless you’re Daniel  L. Buttry.

An ordained minister and seasoned peacemaker, Dan has traveled to some of the most dangerous places in the world to conduct conflict resolution, train clergy and elders, and transform conflict into peace.

The book begins with a story about socks. “Pack extra socks to give away.”  That was the message that scrolled through Dan’s head while preparing for a peacemaking trip in Liberia. It’s a story Buttry has told countless times, one that has inspired him, challenged him, and troubled him. It’s a story about God’s providence, and it was the motivation for Buttry to write this book.

Much like the story of the Socks, each of the stories in We Are the Socks is a rare spotlight of Dan’s travels into dangerous and often deadly war-torn areas. Yet, armed with a crew of trained professionals, and a lot of grace, Dan manages to find the most heartening moments to share from these.

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