30 Days With Abraham Lincoln: Help Us Launch a Whole New Way to Bring Americans Together

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Cover of 30 Days with Abraham Lincoln by Duncan Newcomer.

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At a time when Americans are more divided than ever, Abraham Lincoln still calls us back together.

That’s why Lincoln remains the soul of America, appealing to everyone from the staunchest conservative Republican to progressive Democrats. And, that’s how a radio station in Maine built a loyal audience for a short weekly feature by Lincoln scholar Duncan Newcomer called Quiet Fire.

Now, you can join in this call to spiritually reunite our nation by becoming part of the first wave of readers of: 30 Days with Abraham Lincoln—Quiet Fire. This inspirational book collects 30 of Newcomer’s best radio stories in recent years along with links to listen to the original broadcast of each daily story, as well.

Free Resources

Our team has worked with Duncan to produce a host of free resources to help readers spread the word. On this new 30 Days With Resource Page, you will find two videos about the book that are easy to share via YouTube, as well as a downloadable press release with praise from a wide cross-section of scholars and educators. There’s even a colorful 1-page flyer you can hang on the wall to encourage friends to take part in a discussion group.

‘One of Our Greatest Souls’

Sally Kane, CEO of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, is urging men and women to discover this series that already is well known in Maine. She says:

“Since its beginning, radio has offered a warm medium for connecting the heart, the head, and the imagination. This delightful collection of Lincoln’s wisdom was seeded in a creative radio show, Quiet Fire. It has morphed into a daily companion for readers who connect the dots between time and space to map a new understanding of the chaotic times in which we live. Lincoln’s words resonate more urgently than ever, and Duncan has played alchemist in Quiet Fire to one of our country’s greatest souls and distilled an essence that can guide and comfort us.”

‘Surprise and Insight’

“30 Days With Abraham Lincoln” also has noted Lincoln scholars and educators praising the historical content.

Author and storyteller Brian “Fox” Ellis portrays seven “Friends of Lincoln” on stage. Ellis says:

“This book is full of surprise and insight, head-scratching thoughts and images that will linger in your mind beyond the thirty days. In each of the 30 Days With Abraham Lincoln, Duncan Newcomer humbly asks his readers to contemplate a great thought from a great man, to sit staring into a Quiet Fire. Between Lincoln’s wisdom and Newcomer’s insights the reader will wish the month had many more days.”

‘Launch a Life-Changing Practice’

This praise is echoed, as well, by beloved spiritual teachers, including author and Day1 radio host Peter M. Wallace, who has produced many of his own inspirational books as well as his daily, nationwide broadcasts. In the Foreword to this new book, Peter says:

“Duncan captures Lincoln’s spirit in every one of these thirty meditations, each springboarded by a potent quote by Lincoln or someone who knew him. (I love the fact that these began life as radio essays since I am a radio guy as well.) By reading these sublime and soulful reflections, possessed—as Duncan puts it—by a quiet fire, you will find inspiration and insight that will make sense in your own life, in your own battles with fear and grief, in your own decisions over the best path to take in a certain situation, in your own yearning for deep meaning and purpose.

As an author of spiritual meditations myself, I am thrilled by this first in a new series of “Thirty Days With …” books from Front Edge Publishing. What a powerful concept for today’s readers who are so bombarded by electronic messages of all kinds from all sides: to simply take a few minutes each day to read and ponder and question and enjoy. This book, focusing so winsomely on the spiritual wisdom of the sixteenth president, will help you launch a life-changing practice you will want to continue.

Please Help

On our new 30 Days With Resource Page, you will find free media you can use to help spark interest with friends. The book is designed for a month of individual reading, but it also is ideal for small-group discussion.

The Resource Page also has many other endorsements from a wide range of professionals.

So many of our readers are deeply concerned about the dangerous divisions in our world today. Here’s an easy way to make day-by-day progress toward a new unity. Why not visit the Amazon book page right now?

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