Want to do some good in the world? Contact artist Sharon Buttry and help raise awareness of war-torn Ukrainian families

Click on this image of artist Sharon Buttry’s painting to visit the Buttrys’ Global Peace Warrior website and learn much more about the creation of this remarkable image.

Helping war-torn Ukrainian families through ‘artful prayer and prayerful art’

AS JANUARY 2023 WAS DAWNING, global peace activist, writer, educator and artist Sharon Buttry contacted us about a new way she is helping to spread assistance to war-torn families through a community of faithful peacemakers she and her husband, author Dan Buttry, know in Ukraine.

Sharon wrote to us:

My hope for this project is to fulfill my personal mission of creating “artful prayer and prayerful art.” I want to lift up images of resilience and hope and inspire others to profound acts of mercy and justice, truth-telling and peacemaking. My goal with this particular project is to encourage our dear friends at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, our brothers and sisters on the ground in Kyiv, Ukraine. We want to make sure they have what they need as they respond to the trauma of war and to basic needs for food and shelter among themselves and their neighbors.

Here is how to help

THIS IS ABOUT MORE THAN FUND RAISING: The Buttrys are well aware that millions of Americans and thousands of congregations nationwide have found ways to assist with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Mainline religious denominations all have channels for Ukraine aid. Among the other vital channels are UNICEF, Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross.

What Sharon is doing in early 2023 is a creative concept that will generate additional aid for a church-based network in Ukraine that the Buttrys have first-hand experience with over the years. But there’s an even more powerful impact: Donors to this particular project are purchasing a frame-able print of Sharon’s painting, shown above. That’s a thoughtful way to spread awareness of the ongoing suffering in Ukraine. A print of her painting definitely is a discussion-starter with friends and a personal reminder of this cause.

You can read the entire background story about Sharon’s painting here.

Sharon describes the project this way:

I am asking a minimum of $100 per print to cover the printing and mailing costs. Any amount over the cost will be donated to Ukrainian relief via the seminary at which my husband and I taught in 2019: Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kyiv. That was my first time in Kyiv. We also taught in Dnipro in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Dan has been to Ukraine every other year for the past 12 years teaching conflict transformation, trauma recovery and social justice strategy. We have dear friends who survived the war and continue to teach at the seminary. They daily provide meals and food relief to their community. We know other colleagues who died in Bucha nearby, and others who were too vulnerable and had to flee the country.

ABOUT THE ART: The original art is an oil painting 16 x 20 inches. The color part of the prints are 16 x 20 inches plus about a 2 inch margin of white that can be adjusted for framing if desired. The prints come in a sturdy mailer tube.

GOT QUESTIONS? Of course, if you want to participate, you’ll want to know more about methods of payment and you’ll need to give me your mailing information. You may have more questions about how your donation might be used in Ukraine. Please, feel free to inquire by email.

TO CONTACT ME ABOUT THIS PROJECT: Please use a special email address [email protected]

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