Papa Razzi

January 8th, 2021

A wee bit of photo fun to brighten things up

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Taylor, Rex and Baby Avery

Throughout these Times of Covid, I’ve been able to photograph my pregnant daughter and her dog from a safe social distance out on their front porch. Now that baby Avery has arrived, I get to share the fun photo series. She was conceived and born during this international pandemonium and we are thrilled that everyone is safe and happy.

Back when I was a full-time photojournalist, I would’ve relished this type of access to somebody’s life. To tell a long-term story like this is many a photographer’s dream. How lucky am I that the story was happening right in front of me.

Look at that growing belly, er, baby. Look at Rex; he’s a very good boy. Look at my baby who now has her own baby. Not pictured is my rock star son-in-law James, who has been the kind of dad we all wished we had.

My friend, Dale, asked if the baby would call me Papa Razzi. I’ve been hoping for Pappy — which I just now realized is kind of a shortened version of that. But heck, the baby can call me anything she wants.

These are rough times and the news changes seemingly by the hour. I love being able to show and tell some good news for a moment.

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