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June 22nd, 2020

Virtually done with reality

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I’m done with reality.

And like everyone else, I’m done with 2020 too. Along about the time murder hornets became a thing, I realized this bastard of a year was just NOT going away or getting any better. And then things got far worse.

I’ve stayed involved, tried to keep positive, contributed wherever I could. But it’s tough. And I’m one of the lucky, privileged ones.

So I’m entering the Matrix. Goodbye actual reality; hello virtual reality.

I’ve floated around the International Space Station, both inside and out. I’ve stood in a giant tortoise pen in San Diego as its denizens munch on pumpkins all around me. And I’ve fought off aliens who are trying to retrieve the space ship I stole from them. But mostly, I’m using VR to help exorcise the demons of 2020 AND exercise my quarantined tummy.

While cubes fly toward me, I slash at them with swords, music thumping in my ears in the fun and wild Beat Saber game. I smash a fireball around an indoor 3D dome, targeting an ever-changing series of lighted panels in the hypnotic Racket NX. And as large walls come at me on a conveyor belt in OhShape, I contort my body to fit through them before they knock me over (just go with it, man). There are more fun fitness games out there. And as soon as I come back to reality long enough, I’ll research them.

I’ve gotten my son-in-law and future son-in-law (who first recommended this headset) both under the influence. And within one attempt, they both beat my high score in the Space Pirate Trainer thingy.

It’s all a virtual distraction that feels very real.

Peeking my head out from behind the veil, I see a Saharan dust plume is heading across the Atlantic right toward us this week. So back into Wonderland I go.

Several brilliant thinkers say it’s a 50-50 shot we’re all living in some sort of simulation. Well it’s a 100% chance that I’m there right now.

Look, we all know masks save lives. This one may just save my sanity too.

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