Asphalt City (2023)

French-born director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire has gifted us with the most harrowing parable about an ambulance medic since Martin Scorsese’ 1999 film Bringing Out the Dead. That title fits the newer film as well, with so many of the victims treated by the two medics in this story dying before or just after arriving at the hospital, …

Causeway (2022)

Lynsey, a wounded Army vet, returns to New Orleans & bonds with a Black man who also has suffered a trauma, but not in a romantic way because she prefers girls.

The Good House (2021)

A money-strapped alcoholic woman in a New England town rekindles a romance with an old flame & amidst tragedy faces up to her problem.

Clemency (2019)

The warden of a prison is deeply affected by the ordeal of presiding over executions, especially of her 12th, who might well be innocent of killing a police officer.