Sarajevo (2014)

After the murder of Archduke Ferdinand & his wife a lowly magistrate in Sarajevo is pressured to agree that Serbia is responsible, which gives Germany & Austria the excuse to invade that nation in what they expect to be a short war.

MALCOLM X (1992)

The story of Malcolm X from his youthful gangster days thru his conversion to Islam in prison to his rise in leadership of Black Muslims and his murder when he broke with its leader.

LBJ (2017)

Interspersed with scenes of the murder of JFK in Dallas are scenes of LBJ as V-P & then as President determined to get JFK’s Civil Rights Bill passed through Congress

Lumumba 2000)

This docudrama relates the rise to power of the man who might have stabilized the Congo, Patrice Lumumba, but whom the CIA helped to kill because it feared he was turning toward Moscow.

Parkland (2013)

A film about the murder of JFK focuses upon the less famous folks in Dallas, the staff at Parkland Hospital, the Fed. agents protecting the President, the Oswalds, & a businessman whose 8-mm captured the murder.

LOVE FIELD  (1992)

A Dallas beautician in a bad marriage goes to see the Kennedy’s at Love Field airport, & when the Pres. is shot, decides to travel to Wash. for the funeral despite her husband’s objections, & hitches a ride with a black man & daughter.

KING (1978)

This made-for-TV miniseries is a good, solid introduction to Dr. King’s life, and it’s available from Amazon and Netflix. CLICK on the film’s title to read my entire review.