Changing Our Mind

Second edition, with 2014 Reformation Project speech now available!

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In Changing Our Mind, David P. Gushee invites readers along his journey as he changes his mind about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender inclusion in the Church.

As the author of 20 books, Gushee is no stranger to the public arena. He is the author of the “Evangelical Declaration Against Torture” and drafted the “Evangelical Climate Initiative.” In this new book, Gushee writes with the support of activists, authors and theologians like James V. Brownson, Matthew Vines, Phyllis Tickle, James V. Brownson and Mark Achtemeier.

“For decades now, David Gushee has earned the reputation as America’s leading evangelical ethicist,” writes best-selling author Brian D. McLaren in the opening pages of Changing Our Mind. McLaren adds: “Not only is David Gushee’s work deep, thoughtful and brilliant; and not only is David philosophically and theologically careful and astute; he is also refreshingly clear and understandable by ‘common people’ who know neither philosophical nor theological mumbo jumbo.”

Peter Ochs, Edgar Bronfman Professor of Judaic studies at the University of Virginia writes, “Evangelical scholar David Gushee reads scripture in a way that is deeply pleasing to those of us in the rabbinic tradition who believe that scripture is the spoken Word of God delivered to instruct us on how to live in His image every day. David Gushee honors the authority of the Word, as we do. Like us, he would not dare act on his own first impressions or interpretations of the Word. Like us, he subjects his mind and heart first to the disciplines of careful text study: carefully reading through the long history of readings by the sages who preceded him, carefully examining the context in which his community of believers reads the Word today, and carefully attending to the immediate reason why he is reading now and with whom and for whom.”

Read the full text of Peter Ochs’ praise here.

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