Where do I find words of encouragement for cancer?

What kind of words of encouragement for cancer can I offer my friend?

Throughout her ordeal, Suzy Farbman found comfort in simple things, God and the loved ones in her life. Her husband took on the burden of navigating the difficult maze of cancer-related medical terms and took care of hospital matters.

She turned to God for relief through prayer.

Simple things, like a calm bike ride, helped her hold onto the peace in her life.

words of encouragement

Stuffed animals can become treasured companions during cancer treatment. CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia

But what words helped her in her fight? A rabbi friend, Daniel, offered these:

“Ariella Chava,” he said, “You’re going to be fine. In my line of work, I don’t just hope for miracles. I count on them.”

Ariella Chava was Suzy’s Hebrew name (given to her by Daniel himself). He called her “Lioness of God.”

But I don’t know Hebrew and I’m not a rabbi!

Never fear, Suzy was surrounded by attentive and caring people, and not all of them gave her Hebrew names. Beanie babies arrived in the mail every week. A special teddy bear kept her company. Her friend gave her a Native American Wisdom Stone, meant to be placed underneath her pillow. Others brought food, news and medical advice.

Sally, another friend, even brought over red boxing gloves, a symbol of the fight.

Don’t be afraid to give and show your want to help. The phrase, “it’s the thought that counts,” applies here too, and if you’re worried about stressing your loved one with too much attention, don’t worry: pay close attention and they’ll let you know.

The important part is being there and making it clear that the words of encouragement you offer up are another extension of your love. If you focus on that, the words you speak, write or email will hit home.

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