Several Sunsets

June 27th, 2013

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Over the past several evenings, Lake Michigan has entertained us with the whole gamut of sunsets: subtle, awesome, and foggy. Here are some of my favorite snaps from the previous week.

Lake Michigan sunset bare tree

At Silver Lake’s Little Sable Point lighthouse, a barren tree was as fascinating to me as the iconic lighthouse.


Lake Michigan Little Point Sable Sunset

Although I couldn’t really ignore the lighthouse as Marci, Skye and David strolled up to it.


Glorious Lake Michigan sunset

Sometimes, the sunsets can be such an amazing spectacle. You almost feel guilty for not photographing them.


Lake Michigan fog

At other times, your daughters and mother take a stroll in the evening fog.


Lake Michigan flip flops

Flip-flops wait for my daughters to return from their fog walk. My eldest says she has a matching pair just like this at home.


Lake Michigan Sunset baseball

Improvising with an old piece of driftwood and a dog’s ball, Taylor swings at a pitch thrown by her Uncle Chris.


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