Adu (2020)

Three stories set in Africa are entertwined–a 6-year-old Cameroon refugee boy flees from poachers who have killed his mother; a border guard struggles with his conscience when a colleague causes the death of a refugee; an animal rights advocate struggles with his temper and his druggie daughter.

Hearts Beat Loud (2017)

Record store owner Frank pleads with his college-bound daughter Sam to join him in singing his new song, but she at first wants nothing to do with it.

Curtiz (2018)

While directing Casablanca Michael Curtiz has to deal with an interfering government official, his estranged daughter, & how to end the film.

Hala (2019)

Hala is the story of a Pakistani-American teenage girl struggling against traditional parents who would destroy her freedom–& includes the mother’s struggle as well.

Finding Grace (2020)

18-year-old Allie, sentenced to 100 hours of community service, does not get along with the cranky black woman at a nursing home. She might be heading to jail if she does not shape up.

Tigertail (2020)

A 3 generation story in which a Taiwanese son gives up his lover so he can come to America so he can care for his mother, works so hard he loses his wife & alienates his daughter.

Loss Prevention (2018)

Adventure lovers will enjoy this independent film about a daughter and her father caught up in a corporate espionage caper, directed by Brian Cunningham and Matt Niehoff. Nik (Abisha Uhl) is working as a bartender at her father’s bar “The Soggy Weasel.” Their relationship is strained a little because she has bigger plans for her life, …

Searching (2018)

First-time feature director Aneesh Chaganty keeps us leaning forward in our seats to learn what has happened to the missing teen-aged Margot (Michelle La), whose plight is told entirely via computer screens. In just a few minutes the story of her relationship to her father and her deceased mother is revealed so movingly via their stored …