Jasper from Twilight: Learning to Love the Strange

Jasper from Twilight

When Jasper first heard from Alice about the Cullens he must have thought they were the strangest thing he’d ever heard of. To be so un-vampire! Why bother? What was the point?

Jasper from TwilightWhy did he want to be a part of it so much?

A clan of vampires that didn’t feed on humans, but restricted themselves to hunting animals was completely counter to all of Jasper’s previous experience, and the natural inclination of his vampire nature. A practice he knew continued to drive him deeper and deeper into depression.

One of Jasper’s best Twilight Saga quotes is when he says he felt hope for the first time when he met Alice. Until then he didn’t know there were options, just that there was something terribly wrong with his existence.

Is that how you felt when you were done reading the Twilight Saga? You felt hope when you read the books, the themes of eternal love echoed inside your heart—but the books didn’t fill the hole, they only seemed to point it out.

The books are merely a calling card, just one of many ways God tries to whisper his love for you and attempts to draw your attention to him so he can give you a hope that will stay. So God can fill that void in your heart with eternal love.

You can read more about how God can be found in the Twilight Saga in Glitter in the Sun: A Bible Study Searching for Truth in the Twilight Saga, which can be purchased from this web site or from Amazon.com.

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