A Twilight-Themed Bible Study

Edward and BellaThe Bible According to Bella Swan

On the surface the Twilight Saga is just another teen love story. It’s Romeo and Juliet with socially conscious vampires and benevolent werewolves instead of Montegues and Capulets. And while Shakespeare has stood the test of time Stephenie Meyer’s books have entranced this generation, young women especially, with type of love William didn’t explore—love that lasts forever. This love story speaks to everyone’s inborn longing for unconditional love that doesn’t fade with time.

For that reason the Twilight Saga makes a natural introduction to the Bible. Scenes of great personal sacrifice, deep devotion and unshakable faith are easily adapted to a personal devotion or small group settting. Glitter in the Sun: A Bible Study Searching for Truth in the Twilight Saga was written to fill that need. Glitter in the Sun introduces the uninitiated to many of the Twilight characters and key scenes through the books and movies that demonstrate spiritual truths, and from those scenes lead into a discussion of biblical truth.

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