Table of Contents

Part 1: What is bullying?

  • Our starting point: How do we define bullying?
  • The unseen bullying of social exclusion
  • The case for legislation
  • Change of schools can make the new kids vulnerable
  • Private schools can help, but have their issues too
  • Teachers wish for more training, attention on the issue
  • Timeline
  • Bullying by boys tends to be more physical and visible
  • Girls’ bullying can be almost secret
  • Aggressors need help, just like their targets

Part 2: Cyberbullying

  • Study shows teens’ online world can have a mean streak
  • Underage kids join Facebook, sometimes with parental help
  • Internet bullying has become a social norm
  • Researcher draws line between bullying and online drama
  • Griefers stalk players in video games
  • A second look at “Bully”: The video game
  • America is not alone in dealing with the issue

Part 3: Hazing

  • The crime of hazing
  • Band hazing is facing tighter scrutiny and new laws
  • Hazing liaison brings the issues out into the open
  • At many levels, sports teams are trying to cut the hazing
  • Bully coaches in sports affect young athletes
  • Workplace bullying, long studied in Europe, gets noticed in U.S.
  • New pressure on military hazing: Rite or wrong?

Part 4: Social Aggression

  • Bullying-suicide connection has many factors
  • Relaxed taboo means more suicide news
  • School rampages defy easy explanation
  • Bullies in the cinema
  • Bullies and targets are sometimes the same person

Part 5: Solutions

  • Hospital’s new center takes a medical approach
  • Celebrities use their stages to denounce bullying
  • Authors anticipated rising interest in subject
  • The children’s television channel Cartoon Network turned up its stand against bullying in 2011 and early 2012.
  • Questionnaires get at what happens and how often
  • Suicides spurred global anti-bullying strategy
  • The power of 100
  • Bully policy and programs
  • “It Gets Better” campaign promises brighter futures
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