Cover Story: Leap for Literacy’s Stan Tucker teaches the next generation that we’ve all got a story to tell

‘Everyone Has a Story to Tell’

COVER STORY—All of us at our publishing house are joining Ellen DeGeneres and the Zac Brown Band in falling in love with Stan Tucker, because this Georgia-based educator has become such an evangelist for literacy as well as kindness in our communities.

Please, enjoy our Cover Story about Stan and his work, this week. We guarantee you’ll smile and feel better about this world—especially after watching the 7-minute video about Stan that appears at the bottom of this Cover Story. Stan’s example just might inspire you to share a book with a child you love, this week.

But, wait! There’s more! Our Marketing Director Susan Stitt rode along with Stan’s Read-n-Roll bus recently and brings us this delightful, first-hand story from the road. That column is in our Front Edge Publishing website.



Holidays & Festivals


DUNCAN NEWCOMER—Our newest author is crisscrossing his home state of Maine, talking with groups about the enduring power of Abraham Lincoln to pull Americans together again—reminding us of our “better angels.” This year, Duncan hopes to crisscross the U.S. as well. His book, 30 Days with Abraham Lincoln, “is like chicken soup for the soul, drawing on Abraham Lincoln’s character and courage for its wisdom. But ultimately, what emerges is a portrait of what made Lincoln extraordinary. In a word: reconciliation.” So writes the Editor of the Christian Science Monitor Mark Sappenfield.

Feeling angry about your political opponents this week? Don’t wait! Visit Amazon and get your own copy of this transformative book. Enjoy it over the course of a month, review the book on Amazon—and tell friends you’re starting to read this book to mark Lincoln’s birthday on February 12. Invite them to join you!



EAST and WEST MEET IN LATE FEBRUARY—As our Holidays & Festivals columnist Stephanie Fenton reports this week: “Lent is quickly approaching for the world’s 2 billion Christians, and on February 23, Eastern Orthodox churches take the first steps toward their traditional Lenten fast with Meatfare Sunday, after which no meat may be consumed until Pascha (Easter). One week later, Cheesefare Sunday will mark the end of dairy products until Pascha. For Orthodox Christians, Great Lent begins the day following Cheesefare Sunday, on Clean Monday—this year, March 2.” Please, read Stephanie’s entire column, which includes links to recipes appropriate for those special days.

And, Western Christians? Come back next week for a column about Ash Wednesday, February 26, which starts Lent for most American Christians.

Care to see all of our Holidays & Festivals columns? It’s easy to find our annual calendar of global observances. Just remember the address



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