Native American Legends of Creation: In the Beginning … the Stories Were All the Same

Fanefjord Church, Møn, Denmark Fresco, Native American Legends of Creation

Fanefjord Church, Møn, Denmark. Fresco of God creating beasts. CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia

Native American Legends of Creation

There are many stories depending on which tribe you are visiting. Many of the stories parallel the biblical account. The creation story that was told me parallels the Bible. When one reads the speeches made by the old chiefs, references to creation and the Creator are the same.

The story told me by my Great Aunt parallels the account in the Book of Genesis. The Medicine Wheel story contains the part in which we all come from a common origin as human beings. We were created to honor the Creator in the way we lived, as caretakers of the Creator’s creation and to care for each other. Every tribe has a flood story also indicating a common origin. Everything I have heard brings me back to what I have learned from the Bible. We all came from four men and their wives. At one time we all believed and practiced the same things for the same reason and had all things common.

Everything we did was born on our consciousness of our Creator origins, the belief and responsibility in honoring life and all life-giving things was carried on this consciousness. To disrespect any part of that consciousness was to disrespect the Creator, humanity, Mother Earth, and ourselves. While the arrival of Christianity condemned our way of life and worship I can find no conflict with the original beliefs and practices in the Scripture. It is said my people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. Westerners are ignorant of our ways and beliefs and what they did not understand they condemned. They condemned our ways without ever asking us why we lived the way we did and worshipped the way we did.

God, the Creator, created the one in His image and likeness because the Creator was lonely. The Creator identified that loneliness when He created the companion for the man.

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