Make our books your own with customized editions

Our publishing house is unique in offering the opportunity to customize any of our nationally published books by personalizing the cover and adding additional pages to a special edition for your group or event. The cover art can be adapted to add a group or event logo and the text inside can include pages that contain a special message, or are aimed at an event or group. This is a service available only through our unique-in-the-industry publishing software, which easily modifies short runs of books.


Hardcover version of Godsigns, by Suzy Farbman.

Why a customized book?


Click the image for a higher resolution. Click here to view the customized chapter.


This is the First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor’s modified copy of Blessed Are the Peacemakers. Click the image for a higher resolution image.

We’ve all been to a conference or presentation where the take away gift was some insignificant trinket that was discarded or thrown in the closet as soon as you arrived at home or returned to your office. A customized book that relates specifically to the conference or presentation, its topic or its attendees, will not be discarded — it will be used and shared by the event participants and will serve as a long-lasting reminder of the important message the event organizers had hoped to convey. As an author, this is a perfect way to customize your presentations as you share your book through speaking engagements. As a conference or corporate event organizer, this is a valuable companion piece to a successful and dynamic presentation.

Customization Examples (see photos):

The cover of a book can include an event logo, a company logo, or a specific message customized for an event or time of year. Our example shows Blessed Are the Peacemakers, with the addition of the Know God – Love Others – Serve the World motto and the First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor’s name. We have also modified Blessed Are the Peacemakers for an international conference of Baptist peacemakers.

The church purchased this special edition for a ‘group read’ and distributed it to congregation members and participants from the nearby community. Inside the book, additional pages were added to welcome the participants to the “group read” and to describe each group’s mission. In a corporate setting, the cover art could include the company logo, while the additional pages could include: the company mission statement, an annual summary or goal, executive staff biographies, seminar event location information, and much more.

See the modified version of Thanks. I Needed That. by Bob Alper on the right. This is a modified ReadTheSpirit edition with every ReadTheSpirit author in the front. Pages 7 through 33 (vii – xxxiii in the book) were added for a special ReadTheSpirit gathering.

Modified books can also be ordered in hardcover. See hardcover edition of Godsigns, by Suzy Farbman, above.

How long does it take to customize a published book? The lead time for these special editions is approximately one month from receipt of your order.


Questions: Please contact us at [email protected].

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